Active X-It Funds

What is Active X-It?

Active X-It is a Pittsburgh-based early-stage Angel Investment fund designed to offer diversified Angel Investing, primarily in mid-seed stage companies.

Our philosophy is that sharper, more focused investments generate greater success rates. This is achieved by leveraging investor’s knowledge, and expertise, to help companies grow and scale. We primarily invest in mid-seed stage companies. This stage of investing can deliver greater returns than traditional stock market investing but is also fraught with risk and uncertainty. We bring a very deliberate investment approach, and our strategy is different than traditional seed funds.

  • We believe that starting and growing a business is a repeatable process.
  • We believe these business processes dictate success.
  • We work with, and actively mentor, our portfolio companies by concentrating on sales growth and go-to-market strategy.
  • We believe too much money is invested in companies at the wrong time and in the wrong amounts. Our strategy includes milestone-based investing to mitigate investor risk.
  • Active X-It invests in seed-stage companies who believe in this philosophy.

We are confident in this process, and approach, and believe it will lead to more successful exits and produce greater returns. Currently, we have two funds.

  • Active X-it Fund I - This is our primary fund and invests using milestone-based investing.
  • Active X-It Fund II - This is our traditional fund. If we find a company we like, but they do not need active mentoring, or we cannot use a milestone-based investing format, we invest via this fund. This is a one-time investment, with investment limits.

If you wish to learn more, please email Active X-It directly at

Our funds are restricted to accredited investors, so you will be required to complete an application and provide verification that you are an accredited investor.