Angel Investment Process

The Active Angel Network creates networking opportunities across industries and experiences to develop a community of leaders and innovators. The three distinct pillars that drive this investment process are ConnectEducateInvest

Changing the investment dynamic

Fact:  The majority of Angel Investors are white males over the age of 55.
Fact:  These investors have similar backgrounds.
Fact:  Most Angel Investor groups DO NOT include women, minorities, or young people.
Fact:  The lack of diversity leads to poor Angel Investment decisions.
Fact:  Many Angel Investors do not understand Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennials.
Fact:  Angel Investment Due Diligence takes too long. (six months or more).
Fact:  Angel Due Diligence is performed by people NOT trained in due diligence (or lack the proper skill set).
Fact:  Angel Investment decisions take too long
Fact:  Most Angel Investors invest the same way – over and over, again and again.
Fact:  The next generation of Angel Investors DO NOT know how the Angel Investor world functions.
Fact:  Most Angel Investors' track record of success is..........lousy!

Fact: Active Angels Network believes it has a solution to this problem.

Bad investments happen. Dumb investments shouldn't.

Process – Process - Process

What do we do? 

We teach people how to invest in early-stage companies. Then we prove our point by following our principles. 

What are our principles of investing? 
We invest in people who can produce in the FUTURE. We do not invest in people who have been successful in the past but are past their prime.

Why do we do it?
Our process reduces and mitigates risk. Our process increases the odds of success. Our process reduces the risk of missing key information. Our process increases the quality of DD.

AXI incorporates a fireside chat for investor presentations, eschewing the traditional pitch format. A relaxed atmosphere allows entrepreneurs to freely discuss the key points of their business. AND explain why they exist. Accredited (and non-accredited) investors speak directly to the company’s leadership. The broken pitch model is gone; replaced with something deeper. Roundtable discussions create a diversity of thought and opinion, and more in-depth conversations. The result is investors can better evaluate the company’s potential.

Our Process

What do we cover before the fireside chat? 
What do we cover during the fireside chat?
What do we cover during the detailed follow-up meeting?
What are the keys to the due diligence process?  

Our formula enables you to better understand if the entrepreneur can be successful
 ...if she knows her market
 ...if she knows the revenue model
 ...if he has a brain and knows how to use it (two very important distinctions).