Our Investment Philosophy

It starts with a belief that Angel Investing needs to be reimagined. It continues with the belief that traditional Angel Investing is outdated, inefficient, and structurally unsound. It culminates with the belief that success is predicated on diversity of opinion, diversity of ideas, diversity of knowledge, and a professional detailed investment process.

Active Angels Network combines people, knowledge, education, mentorship, domain expertise, professional analysis, with efficient and effective processes to speed investment decisions. We do not leave entrepreneurs hanging in the wind with investment decisions. This philosophy carries throughout our organization. We think OUR investors (and entrepreneurs) deserve better.

Active Angels Network is founded on three distinct pillars that drive this investment process.

  • Connect
  • Educate
  • Invest

  • We believe that starting and growing a business is a repeatable process. It works directly with most portfolio companies to help them become successful.

    Active X-It primarily invests in mid-seed stage companies, concentrating on e-commerce, SaaS, manufacturing, and consumer product companies. We do not limit the number of investments we make per year, but due to our mentorship philosophy, we need to make sure all of our entrepreneurs receive the proper resources. Therefore, we may not be able to invest in every company.

Entrepreneurial Assessment

Every company is different, and we evaluate each company on its own merits. However, we limit our investment based on our experience, skill sets, and knowledge. Also, based on years of investment experience, and our investor base, we do have certain investment criteria we follow. Evaluation consideration:

  • Type of industry.
  • Founding team must have two or more founders.
    • One or more founder must have DOMAIN expertise & industry knowledge.
    • One of founders (hopefully) will have a business background.
  • Values & ethics of your team
  • Ability to prove you are solving a problem that NEEDS TO BE SOLVED.
    • Market research to support this solution.
    • Size of market supports and justifies investment.
  • Business and revenue models completed
    • Customer discovery to support business/revenue model.
    • Proof that product/service is scalable.

As a group, we are agnostic to industry but prefer to work with consumer products, e-commerce, SaaS, or manufacturing companies. Our final decision is based on whether we can HELP YOU, and whether you can become a viable, scalable business (a business can be viable and profitable, but may not be scalable that investors will receive an acceptable ROI).

Companies We Are Unable To Work With

Although Active X-it is a progressive and forward-thinking investment group, there are certain industries or elements that we choose not to work with:

  • Any business that may or may not be legal within the United States of America.
  • Any business that is a non-profit, religious organization, or driven by social agenda.
  • Any business that may cause direct harm or lead to death.
  • Any business that are capital intensive from the start in order to obtain government clearances or move past state led hurdles.
  • Any business that is considered a social media platform.