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The Pandemic - A Trend Analysis - Issue# 2 - What's retail going to look like?

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For weeks, most stores were closed. You could not get a haircut, or browse a men’s or women’s clothing store. Grocery stores were open, but how you shopped, and when you shopped had changed, sometimes dramatically. We all adjusted, but will these changes be permanent, or simply be an aberration until a Covid-19 antidote is available? 
This discussion will not delve into commercial real estate, shopping malls, or strip malls; and how the changing of retail will affect these slabs of concrete. Some thoughts and questions, and many unanswered questions...

The Pandemic - A Trend Analysis - Issue #1 - Work from Home

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This is the most obvious change. The pandemic forced companies, with little notice, to allow their employees to work from home. Issues that were created, and ad hoc solutions:

  1. Digital Meetings and digital collaboration. Powerful connectivity tools that have existed will grow exponentially, or be replaced by newer versions that better suit this new work environment. Zoom has benefited (even though their stock value has not), but new competitors will appear with potentially better tools, better pricing, and other benefits. Collaboration tools have been average at best, but the marketplace and market size for these tools has just exponentially increased, which should lead to new products, and better products.

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